Manage Your real estate anywhere in the world


Below are key features of Regenta real estate management 

Instant SMS

Get instant SMS when payment are made or send marketing sms to your tenants


Track payments and balances and avoid party conflict using histories and past reports

Property Accounting

Auto generate invoices and receipts without human intervention


Create e-contracts right inside the system and sent it to your tenants. Create landlord and tenant agreements

Property Reports

Get property reports, lease reports and know how the property is doing. Know whether you are making losses


With the maintenance module, you can easily track and order maintenance.

Tenant App

The upcoming tenant app will revolutionize and improve communication between all parties 

Landlord/ Agent App

Landlord or agent can manage properties from the tip of their hands  

Meter Readings

Record and send meter readings to your tenants without paper work. 

Paperless real estate management

Eliminate paper and manual work in property management. Save time and money. 

Our vision

To change the way property and real estate business is done in and outside Kenya